Photo Shoot Pricing

Each photo shoot is unique. Do you want senior pictures in a mountain meadow? How about family photos with the Rio Grande gorge in the background? Everyone's needs are different, and every project will vary in price. I don't use a fixed indoor studio. Instead, my passion is shooting photos out in the world, in great locations, indoors or out. Each location offers advantages and challenges, and the price of the shoot will reflect the level of required logistics, equipment, time, etc.

Here are some initial numbers to help you fingure out what will work for you.

Basic location shoot:
$350 for a solo portrait
+$50 for each additional person in a group

This works out to 3 hours of actual shooting. For senior photos, this means about 3-4 clothing changes and 1-2 scenes. Family portaits will be 2-3 changes of clothes and 1-2 scenes. Additional scenes are located in the same general area.

Typically, the location will be near easy vehicle access: inside a building, near a trailhead, on the side of a road.

Minimum of 12 edited images delivered to the client via their prefered method (thumb drive, download, CD, etc)

Expanded location shoot:
Basic location shoot
+$100/hour for more scenes/clothing changes.
+$200 for additional locations (three hours of photography)

Additional fees may be involved if the shoot requires unique access to the location: high clearance 4X4 vehicle, permits, 30 minute hike. Likewise, unique equipment requirements may involve fees (like technical rope/climbing gear, lighting, assistants). 

Again, each shoot is unique to the client, and our photo experience begins with a sit-down meeting to discuss their needs and desired outcomes of the photo shoot.

In addition to portraits, I do enjoy covering races and general events. Feel free to inquire about having high quality photos taken at your next event.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions ( I look forward to creating some great images with you soon!